The next decade will take only five years

The ever increasing speed of technological development calls for a change in the way we approach transformation. We need to design and build our organisations, products and services in an adaptive way.

Standard consultancy work is based on learning from the past and aims to set a course for the future. That said, most business dynamics are undergoing fundamental change today, as is the world at large. Change, driven by different incentives and objectives at increasing speed, will continue to open up new opportunities and challenges.

Despite the difficulties change brings to any organisation, the world needs new ways of thinking, creating, collaborating, organising and linking people and technologies on our shared planet.

The adaptive consultancy

Manyone was created to be a consultancy that can support and create value with clients at scale.

Our team structure is born to be adaptive and hybrid; never to rely on one process, but instead an ever evolving way of understanding the world around us and how we must adapt the way we do things.

This means we continue to learn and grow every day, as a business and as human beings.

Hybrid at the core

That’s why we are built as a team of teams structure; hybrid and independent.

It enables us to lead strategic change through execution and to believe in experimental (and validated) approaches and not too much in learning from yesterday’s static data or last year’s strategy paper. If we are indeed to see the same level of change in our lives in the next five years as we have seen in the last decade, we need to design and build our organisations, products and services in an adaptive way. The same goes for strategic design consultancies.

So that’s what we are doing.

We are many, and we are one, much like our clients and their customers.


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Meet a Manyone

Gabriel is a Digital Designer who helps clients unify business goals and strategy into visual form.

He’s passionate about creating digital products, new design languages and solving problems. He used to have a love affair with graffiti and urban-installations in a former life.