Fast change led by execution


Your market needs everything but the usual

Today is an era of never before seen potential. Markets and technologies move fast and open up new opportunities in a near constant stream. In order for businesses to get or stay ahead, there is a growing need for adaptive strategies; fuelled by design that validates and delivers. Explorative pilots and proof of concepts to keep moving forward at speed. These strategies are more experimental than before - however also more precise, lean, executed on a higher pace and, have built-in scalability to ensure relevance for the organisation and meaning for all stakeholders.

We design with execution at the strategic core of any project to find, show and pave the way forward. We work with our clients to define a vision, scenarios and help build their capabilities while creating adaptive solutions that translate to designs for world class touch points.


Four pillars of methodology

Driving your adaptive strategy - fuelled by hybrid design. Our services are categorised in four pillars that we believe establishes the foundation for continuous transformation. Your future needs everything but the usual; we do not work on projects that end up delivering a static product-service which is behind on arrival and obsolete the next year. Manyone’s adaptive approach is crafted to deliver value through continuous iteration and growth, understanding what works and what doesn’t - that is transformational change; strategic and experimental value in the same flow.

A place to set your sights


By looking into the future, we identify signals of change, create aspirational visions, and define future scenarios.

Scouting and opportunity forecasting
Experimental business modelling
Business re-imagination
Adaptive roadmapping
Experience vision

Plotting your path forward


We empower and help shape businesses in order to foster adaptability, improve ways of working, and to ensure successful transformation.

Education modules
Change Management
Innovation Management
New Ways of Working
Building of design capabilities and studios

The gear to get there


We build and manage novel ecosystems and business transformation programmes across industries and for new partnerships.

Ecosystem design
Business transformation programmes
Platform and portfolio design
Proof of concept
Programme management

Milestones to measure by


We experiment and validate in order to design and launch digital and physical products, services and everything in between.

Proof of concept
World-class design execution
Feedback loops and validated learnings

Cross-disciplinary through design

Manyone’s promise of hybrid talents is of course embedded in the name; our team of teams works seamlessly across the required disciplines needed to deliver value at speed during our programs. Not only within our hybrid teams - but, equally as important; also across the increasingly blurry line between our teams and our client’s teams.

We are many, and we are one.